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What’s Mobile Yoga?

What’s Mobile Yoga?

Many people never pursue or continue a yoga practice because they’re discouraged by crowded studios, traffic, and crazy schedules. So we decided to make our classes “mobile” and bring them to you!

Chakra 5 started mobile yoga classes in 2009 to make it more comfortable, convenient and affordable for people to practice yoga under the guidance of an experienced instructor at home, school or work. We even have classes in public spaces like parks, community rec rooms at apartment complexes…you name it.

Every HR manager wants that coveted “Best Company to Work For” award. One of the most fun, easy ways to inspire and motivate your employees is to offer yoga classes at the office on a regular basis. Yoga classes are a low-cost and innovative solution for companies wanting to reduce health care expenses, relieve workplace stress and promote employee well-being.

Healthy employees are more productive and more cost effective. In a recent study on worksite health programs by the American Journal of Health Promotion, corporations realized $3-$6 in savings for every $1 invested in wellness programs.

Why Chakra 5?

With Chakra 5, you have a team that’s been working together for years, specifically experienced in going out into the world, teaching in various environments and working with various levels of students.

Our team is mostly comprised of advanced 500 hr level teachers, some with specific degrees in yoga therapy.  Chakra 5 yoga classes are fun, sensible and encouraging. We respect deeply all levels of students and all body types. Our #1 priority is to make sure you have fun, feel challenged, and do it all safely!

Where We Teach

The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, Omelet, Los Angeles Youth Network, Junk Food Clothing, PPG Aerospace, The Packard Lofts, The Refinery Creative, Pacific Oaks College & Children’s School, Hankey Investment Company, Boston Consulting Group, OTIS College of Art & Design, Rosetta, Junior League, Rachel Pally Inc, New Balance, Marina Del Rey Hospital, Pinkberry, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Cheeky Home, Chivarolli & Associates, Hines Property Mgmt, JPH Consulting, AC Martin Architects, Nasty Gal, CityView Senior Living, Booster Club Marketing, Quantcast, Bunim-Murray Productions, PUC Lakeview Charter High School, One Colorado Place, T2 Tech Group.


Send this survey to employees to learn more about what they hope to get out of taking yoga classes.

How It Works

How It Works

Popular Classes

Kids Yoga
Many of Chakra 5’s instructors specialize in Kids’ Yoga, where “mini yogis” can develop their flexibility, creativity, focus, and coordination. Start little ones early with a platform for a happy, healthy, balanced life.

Wellness Events
Work with us to create a wellness event for your company. It can include live music (DJ or performer), a yoga class, stress management workshops and cooking demonstrations (with delicious snacks to eat later).

Film/TV Shoots
Hire one of our instructors to be available for a 4 hour block on set to offer 15 minute yoga sessions to anyone, anytime, anywhere.


Did you know we can teach yoga sessions right at employees’ desks? But if you have the space for group classes, calculate a minimum of 32 sq ft for every student. This accounts for a 2’x 6′ mat and extra room to students to comfortably extend limbs and teacher to move around.  If your space is 500 sq ft, you can accommodate 16 people.
The Team

Everyone on our team is fully certified and insured.

  • Keirin Brown

    Yoga Instructor

    In a world driven by time lines, traffic, cell phones and long hours, Keirin Brown feels it’s getting more and more difficult for people to let go and allow for quiet. Keirin believes the practice of yoga can be the best gift we give ourselves. By finding quiet we are able to truly listen to the body, hear beyond the chatter and find the strength and ease that will guide us through the most trying moments in life. After having her own struggles with anxiety throughout the years, Keirin decided seek a deeper self understanding and pursue her certification in Hatha and Kundalini yoga at Karuna Yoga in 2008. Her classes encourage students of all levels to truly listen to their bodies in order to find physical and emotional strength and balance. In addition to being a yoga teacher, Keirin is an actor and a half of the female clown duo, Duckbits.

  • Jamie Ford

    Yoga Instructor

    Jamie's intention is to help people experience more joy in their lives and she does this through her passion for sound and yoga. She has 500 hours of yoga training and specializes in vinyasa flow blended with elements of sound healing. Her classes are fun and flowing and there's always a nice savasana. Jamie plays Paiste Planetary Gongs and crystal singing bowls, and has been healing with sound for over 10 years. Along with holding Sound Baths she also holds private sound healing sessions, teaches "yoga and sound" classes, and holds soundworkshops, trainings, and retreats. For more information about Jamie visit

  • Lauren Maher

    Yoga Instructor

    Lauren Maher teaches an eclectic blend of Hatha, Kundalini and Yoga Therapy. She began teaching in 2002 and has taught everyone from seniors to seasoned yogis to cancer patients. She draws from her knowledge of various yoga styles to create a practice that is appropriate for the shifting, daily needs of her students. Her classes focus on breath awareness, proper and safe alignment in Asana, meditation and visualization. Lauren views the real benefits of yoga as what you take with you outside of the class in into the world.

  • Wendy Obstler

    Yoga Instructor

    Wendy received her first teaching certification from the world renown White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara in 2006. She continued her education in Pre/Post Natal Yoga, Yoga Therapy from the Yoga Therapy Rx program at Loyola Marymount, and a clinical internship at the Tensegrity Center for Yoga Therapy in Santa Monica. Having used yoga therapy to heal her own severe back injury, Wendy enjoys sharing the transformational qualities of the practice with others who are in chronic pain, healing from injury, post-operative rehab and looking to prevent injury. She's considered one of the leading experts in yoga for fertility, pre and post-natal yoga.

  • McKenna Rowe


    McKenna caught the "yoga bug" as a little girl, watching Lilias Folan on PBS. She leads an active life hiking, weight lifting, and snowboarding, and once was a nationally ranked equestrian. After years of working in the digital industry for clients in entertainment, publishing and fashion, she took a sabbatical for yoga-teaching certification. A desire to help people heal soon followed.Also a successful musician and composer, McKenna shares cutting-edge music during yoga classes, recruiting musicians and DJs to perform with her. She owned and operated East Hollywood’s Chakra 5 Yoga studio throughout 2011, creating a vibrant community on and offline, but decided to shift to a mobile model. Now her team of advanced instructors brings yoga classes on site and by appointment to businesses, schools and organizations throughout greater Los Angeles. McKenna was certified in Hatha/Kundalini at Karuna Yoga, and has additional teacher training in Restorative Yoga with Master Teacher Judith Lasater.She occasionally teaches yoga at Chakra 5 classes and at international retreats.

  • Marina Urbina

    Pilates Instructor

    Marina Urbina is a Los Angeles native and grew up as a competitive gymnast. Fitness and health have always been a priority for her, but when she discovered Pilates in 2009, she instantly knew she had stumbled upon something truly transformative. Her love for the practice led her to follow her heart and become a certified instructor through the Pilates Technique Certification program, taught by Jill Cassady. Joseph Pilates once said: “Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness,” and Marina whole-heartedly believes in this statement. Her passion for the method, knowledge of technique, and positive attitude keep her clients motivated and focused on attaining their personal goals.

  • Lewis Victor

    Yoga Instructor

    Born and raised in Chicago, Lewis Victor stumbled into yoga desperately in need of positive change. "Through yoga, I became more physically aware and mentally grounded; this led to a new sense of peace, contentment, control, and reserve." He completed Moksha Center’s Teacher Training under Daren Friesen in 2006. Lewis went on to become a top teacher at various Chicago studios before relocating to Los Angeles in 2009. Lewis is a strong believer of body before mind. His classes focus on the balance of breath, alignment, and concentration while engaging in a vigorous but fulfilling yogic experience. “The greatest teacher is the practice itself.”

  • Garland Whitt

    Healthy Chef

    Garland Whitt was raised in the theaters of Philadelphia and New York. He's an actor who has appeared in movies and TV shows such as: NYPD Blue, Law and Order, Save the Last Dance and Training Day. When not acting, Garland can be found in the kitchen. His passion for food led him to study at the New School of Cooking, and to eventually train as a pastry chef with the Smith Brothers, owners of Parkway Grill and Smitty’s in Pasadena. It didn’t take long for the California health food craze to infect this east-coaster, however, and his culinary interests have expanded to vegetarian, vegan, and raw cooking. Believing that food can be nutritious, healing, and still taste good, Garland avidly researches the nutritional benefits of everyday ingredients and finds ways to incorporate them into his culinary creations. He currently cooks at such Hollywood hot spots as Baby Blues and with such sought-after caterers as Food by Lene and Paper Palette. He is ecstatic to share his knowledge and talent with those who love food and who share his belief in its capacity to nourish, heal and bring joy to our lives.

  • Laura Baggett

    Yoga Instructor

    Laura is so grateful to be part of the Chakra 5 team. Always having loved connecting with the body, she began teaching aerobics and dance in college, after a dance injury Laura began practicing yoga at Be Yoga with Alan Finger and at Jivamukti. Laura was certified through Tree Of Life Yoga. Laura has also studied Kundalini yoga with Sukdev Jackson. For 10+ years she has continued to practice and teach the amazing healing powers of yoga. Laura's classes are a combination of meditation, breath work and flow leaving you deeply relaxed and connected to the body.

  • Nina Snow

    Yoga Instructor, Zen Monk

    Nina is a certified yoga instructor who has been teaching in Los Angeles for 10+ years. Her students range from kindergarteners to the wisest golden-agers in town. Nina completed her teacher training at Karuna Yoga in both Kundalini and Hatha yoga in 2005. In both her personal practice and teaching, she places emphasis on the body-mind connection. Nina is also an ordained Zen monk, practicing and coaching Zen meditation and incorporating it into her yoga classes. Nina finds that yoga grants the student the strength and balance to a make a difference in the world, and she feels honored to be a part of inspiring that in people.

  • Tessa Young


    Tessa Young aka DJ TessLove is a native of Reno, Nevada who spent her teenage years making mixtapes for friends, working in long-since-gone music shops, and constantly seeking out as much new music as she could. As an adult, she took that knowledge and applied it by DJing at local lounges. Her influences are broad and range from indie, electronic, disco, classic rock, classic hip hop, to mainstream/top 40.In 2008, Tessa moved to Los Angeles where she has DJ’d at various lounges, events and weddings. Recent clients include Elle Magazine, Movember Foundation, National Geographic, Jonathan Country Club, Benefit Cosmetics, Tarte Cosmetics, Trader Vic’s at the Beverly Hilton, Suite 700 at Hotel Shangri-La Santa Monica, and Wurstkuche Lounge, just to name a few.

  • Tasha Rein

    Yoga Instructor

    Tasha found herself twisted upside down, sweating like never before and loving it when she took her first yoga class over 13 years ago. Since that beautiful day she has never looked back. As a beginning yoga student she found herself fearless in class, willing and eager to try any pose, and when she would fall over she would smile, laugh, and try again. Yoga was a safe place to experiment with becoming more joyful, loving and fearless.In her classes she aims to create this same space so that you too can play with becoming more joyful, loving and fearless. With a strong focus on breath and alignment her classes build strength, flexibility, stability and balance in the body while opening and softening the heart and mind. She also teaches a deeply nourishing restorative yoga and mediation class.Along with being a yoga instructor Tasha has studied the scientific effects of yoga on the brain through a federally funded grant at Boston University and is a published author in a scholarly journal. See and read the article here ( that shows how yoga really does help improve mood and lessen anxiety. Tasha is also a trained herbalist, certified Reiki practitioner, and jewelry designer.

  • Raquel Jordan

    Yoga Instructor

    Raquel was first introduced to yoga in 2002. Her curiosities of the body and love of movement found expression in her first class. Yoga is an indispensable factor to the quality of her life; the health of her brain and the functionality of her body. She is eternally grateful to share this ancient practice with others. She received her 200 hr certification through YogaWorks as well as her certifications in Trauma Informed Yoga and Restorative Therapeutics. In her personal practice, Raquel continues exploring exercises (both new and old) that connect mind- body- spirit.

  • Katy O’Donnell

    Yoga Instructor

    Katy started practicing yoga to treat her chronic low back pain. She was born and raised in Massachusetts, at age 16 she had a lumbar spinal fusion for scoliosis. For years after the surgery she experienced severe low back pain and limited mobility. When she moved to LA she started to practice yoga and found it to be a great natural form of pain management. She decided to study the practice in hopes that she could aide others in naturally managing chronic pain. She has completed two 200-hour yoga training programs (Power Vinyasa and Hot) at CorePower Yoga. She is committed to sharing her passion for yoga with others to improve their quality of life. Katy is full of energy and brings her personality into her classes. She enjoys sharing yoga with first time students and yoga vets alike.


Still a little nervous about starting up with yoga? Read our Frequently Asked Questions!





How Much

$150 for a 60-minute session (20% discount or $120/session if you go recurring/book a package of 4 or more sessions)

$120 for a 45-minute session (20% discount or $96/session if you go recurring/book a package of 4 or more sessions)

$100 for a 30-minute session (20% discount or $80/session if you go recurring/book a package of 4 or more sessions)

$50 for a 15-minute session (a minimum of 2 sessions must be booked on the day)

These are all flat rates, so the more students, the better value!

Additional discounts are available if you’re flexible on schedule. We’re happy to explore additional options for your organization.

Note that for driving considerable distances beyond the LA Metro area, we add a fuel surcharge of $10.


Optional Services

$2/each Yoga Mat rental (covers handling and cleaning)

$50/hr for DJ Services

$200 for Healthy Cooking Demo from our Chef (includes supplies, prep and demo)


How to Pay

Yoga classes are a great company tax write off!  We bill you at the end of each month for all classes taught, and payment is due in 30 days. You can pay us via check or credit card.
Can Employees Pay?

Sure, but we would still bill you (the company) for any classes we taught that month. It would be up to you to collect/recoup the money from employees.

For example: a weekly recurring 1 hour class is $120. If you can get 10 employees to attend and pay the company back $10 each, you’ve recouped your class fee.

Our rates listed above are flat rates…they do not change whether there is 1 person taking the class or 20.



We are pleased to announce our partnership with Kulae for yoga mats, blocks, straps and other gear.  Not only do we love the quality of their equipment, we also love the fact that their products are germ-resistant and eco-friendly.  Arrange to rent mats from us or have them shipped right to your door at near wholesale prices.

See Kulae Gear


chAkra 5 on side hustle school

Chakra 5 was featured recently on the podcast Side Hustle School.

chakra 5 yoga featured on

Becoming the Boss is a series celebrating small business owners who have made the transition from solo-entrepreneur to employer. In our interview, we tell “the story of Chakra 5” and how the team and business have grown over the years.

chAkra 5 on recently featured an interview with Chakra 5 Founder McKenna Rowe, who reveals that yoga classes at the office are not just good for employee health, they’re good for the company bottom line.

chakra 5 voyageLA

Read the Voyage LA interview with McKenna Rowe and Chakra 5.

“One of the best yoga classes in town”
– 944 Magazine “Picks” Issue

“Whether you’re a serious yogi interested in checking out the newest spot in town or a starving artist looking to get in shape on a budget, head to the neighborhood of Melrose and Heliotrope…”

Work Out (of the Ordinary)“Instructors McKenna Rowe and Gretchen Heidemann’s classes incorporate live musicians and DJs spinning everything from Mushroom Jazz to minimalist techno to old school soul.” chakra 5 yoga

Yoga Classes, Downtown Los Angeles Style

“There are so many yoga classes in this town that we Angelenos are blessed with an incredible amount of variety and eclecticism. Case in point: a DJ directed yoga class called the Chakra 5 Yoga Lab, held in a loft Downtown. Groove guru, McKenna Rowe, is the DJ and yoga instructor who has fashioned these cool and contempo classes. They mix music, technology and of course some power yoga moves. The cost for one class is $10. A series of five costs $40Eventually, the DJ/yogini will spin live sets and bring in guest DJs as well. Rowe also offers a mobile version of the class for which she will come to you.”

Creativity in the Heart of Downtown
“Chakra 5 is a creative approach integrating music and technology for people to bond in a Yoga practice. Rowe hopes to attract community members including local artists and musicians. Her vision is to showcase new sounds from local artists with live DJs to enhance her energetic Yoga practice. Chakra 5 reaches out to the community by promoting local businesses as well as partnering with rising musicians. Enjoy a colorful playlist or a live DJ while doing Yoga in a fun, comfortable and encouraging environment.”

Downtown LA’s Newest Yoga Community
“Part mobile yoga lab, part social experiment.”


“Killer space, wonderful classes, and SUPER SUPER SUPER affordable, without losing an ounce of quality.”

“Imagine a second floor studio apartment with wood floors, roof windows, lots of natural light coming in filling the space, aerie environment …just magic! It just feels a second home to me. Great instructors, owners & stuff creating high positive clear energy through Yoga in a unique LA’s spot. Its a blessing to my mind, body and heart to get to practice different yoga styles with professional, fun and loving instructors. Chakra5 ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!”

“…this area is developing into quite the developing scene…For yoga lovers, this is definitely a cool, new place to check out.”

“The studio is large, airy and has great light. The calming atmosphere definitely enhances the practice. The class was invigorating yet calming, and I loved the personal attention. Would definitely recommend this to everyone, from beginners to advanced yogis! The neighborhood is also very cute, complimenting a community space.”

“The instructors and community here really care. There is a feeling of welcome, without any of the ‘kooky’ that has a way to invade even the best intentioned yoga studios. C5 is going to take off. When will you have gotten in on the fun?”

“a wonderful little yoga studio on Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles…they aren’t hung up on different styles or ability levels. Classes are open to everyone from first timers to experienced yogis and there’s no pressure to perform a certain pose if it doesn’t feel quite right – you’re free to opt out if you wish!”

“Chakra 5 is low key – friendly & welcoming, less super-chichi than some west h’wood places but suited to the neighborhood in that way…you should check it out. They have an AMAZING deal going for first time students: $50 for an unlimited month. Can’t beat that. Also their regular prices are super reasonable.”

“I feel absolutely refreshed and energized after taking this yoga class. I’m a first timer and the class was perfectly paced and well instructed.”


phone number: 310-853-3885


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